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  1. Cheap Cruises
    • Cruisegle was once at the top of Google for Cheap Cruises. However, life changes and now I am using it for some of my Social Media posts.
  2. Why Cruisegle?
    • In case you are wondering why I use the Twitter handle Cruisegle; well originally this site was designed for searching for cheap cruises; Cruisegle is a mashup of Cruise and Google; hence Cruisegle.

      As people tended to tweet to me on this handle, I decided to stop my personal twitter account and use the Cruisegle one instead. 

  3. What About Cruises?
    • To be honest, Cruisegle is actually a bit of a test website and will have little or no functionality other than posting to my Twitter account and from there to a Facebook page. As for cruising, well I have started to develop a new website to offer cheap cruises; more on that to follow!
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Trying out a New idea

This post is nothing more than a test post to see if the home page on the website works. I may come back to it and fix up some styling in the future mind. It has been designed to test the amount of text needed in the excerpt.