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Cruisegle was once at the top of Google for Cheap Cruises. However, life changes and now I am using it for some of my Social Media posts.

To be honest, this is actually a bit of a test website and will have little or no functionality other than posting to my Twitter account and from there to a Facebook page. However, it might help me develop something more useful in the future.

In case you are wondering why I use the Twitter handle Cruisegle; well originally this site was designed for searching for cruises; so Cruisegle is a mashup of Cruise and Google; hence Cruisegle.

As people tended to tweet to me on this handle, I decided to stop my personal twitter account and use the Cruisegle one instead. Anyhow eventually this site evolved into what we have here.

I keep changing my mind on how to build Cruisegle. Current thoughts are small posts with live blog functionality should I wish to expand the content. Live blogging was originally built for posting updates on live events. I’m using it to keep posts and pages alive.

Anyhow, time will tell if there is a future in this website and in live blogging in general. Oh; yes I might add some stuff on cheap cruises.